Culture and SPORT

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  • Organisation of Gambiance in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Griot Koto Ngum comes to Ostend as a teacher for sabar & djembé workshops (2005)
  • Participation in Paulus Festivals (Paulusfeesten) in 2005
  • Photography project in collaboration with Lisa Vandamme, Ellen Goegebuer, Annemie Goegebuer and Narafi (2007)
  • Members of the percussion group Slagweg travel to Banjul to attend workshops (2007)
  • Participation in Paulus Festivals in 2009 (container featuring Gambian home, reference to refugee issues) and 2011 (Gambiance at Paulus Festival)
  • Joasia Van Kooten, Jochen Maes and Jolien De Graeve (Narafi, 2010) travelled to Banjul to make the report 'LINKED' and the short films 'Greetings from Banjul'.
  • Exhibition of the photo series 'Twin Cities' by Brecht Van Maele at POB Kris Lambert (2011)
  • Haleyi Tatipere, a collaborative project between five Gambian (Koto Biram Ngum, Babucarr Gaye, Bubacar Jallow, Modou Jobe and Momodou Susso) and five Belgian musicians (David Bovée, Peter Vermeersch, Mirko Banovic, Sam Ghysels and Eric Sleichim) carried out in collaboration with the Theater aan Zee arts festival (2013)
  • Integration of Gambiance into Parks Day (Dag van het Park) (2013, 2014 and 2015) and Feest in den Hof (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017). During the 2017 event, Bart Peeters and Gambian artist Jali Madi Kanuteh set Leopoldpark ablaze.
  • Photo exhibition at the Royal Galleries (Koninklijke Gaanderijen) (Zeedijk) Jogay Ostend dem Banjul - From Ostend to Banjul in cooperation with Touhami Jaidane and Yvon Poncelet (2015)
  • In October 2016, a substantial amount of football equipment was shipped to Banjul to provide material support for youth football tournaments. In collaboration with KV Oostende, Touhami Jaidane and the Tavernier-De Bruycker family.
  • Presentation booklet entitled 'Common shells of The Gambia' by author Koen Verschoore (2018).
  • Photo exhibition entitled 'Stedenband in beeld' in and around the Kris Lambert Public Library. Yvon Poncelet and Luc Cuylle selected images from submissions by amateur photographers. (2019). A selection of photos are exhibited afterwards in a few meeting centres. (2019)
  • A pirogue (Gambian fishing boat) is placed on Jan Piersplein. This boat symbolises the city link between Ostend and Banjul. The boat will be firmly in the spotlight during Ostend at Anchor (Oostende voor Anker). (2023)
  • In celebration of the city link turning 20, Gambian artist Moulaye Sarr created a colourful mural entitled 'Awa, a beautiful lady' at Steensedijk 76 as part of The Crystal Ship arts festival. (2023)
  • Collaboration with Theater aan Zee to celebrate the city link turning 20. A wide variety of activities will be on offer: Gambian stories, textile workshops, a wonjo juice bar and music workshops. (2023) The dance duet by Belgian dancer Jotka Bauwens and Gambian dancer Abdoulie Bah is one of the highlights of Theater aan Zee (TAZ) 2023.
  • Photo exhibition with work by Pieter Clicteur in the Kris Lambert public library Kris Lambert. Focus on the EU project ‘City link Ostend-Banjul, partnership for sustainable city development' (2023)
  • Photo exhibition with work by Pieter Clicteur and Mass Njie at 12 locations in the city. Focus on the EU project ‘City link Ostend-Banjul, partnership for sustainable city development' (2023)
  • Lamin Kuyateh, the legendary Gambian kora player, will be speaking at the Kris Lambert Library during an information session about the city link (2023).
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