Networkmeeting and stakeholders engagement

A few years ago when a (public) place had to be designed, you would call an architect, a designer or a landscape architect, or a team that would combine a mix of knowledge and skills.
They would do some research, and design a scheme to be built.
Nowadays this world has changed rather dramatically. Today’s approach requires an interactive method with a lot of stakeholders. Stakeholders (and future stakeholders) and users need to be mapped, their needs and demands have to be collected and above all, a dialogue with stakeholders should be started.

Interactive planning and design, research and social awareness are crucial elements in a process approach, where especially the public, who are contemporary and future users, plays an important role. In the relations between stakeholders, key words are trust, engagement, added value, experience and knowledge all of which we aim to address in this event.

Water Resilient Cities promotes the retrofitting of SUDs (sustainable urban drainage) in existing urban areas.

Gepubliceerd op donderdag 9 januari 2020 15.42 u.