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For the purposes of the city link with Banjul, the city of Ostend cooperated not only with Banjul City Council but also, among others, all secondary schools in Ostend and Banjul, Theater aan Zee, Paulus festivals, The Crystal Ship, Mbolo, DOC Banjul, Medios, the Belgian Navy, universities of applied sciences, universities, the Circle of Friends of the City Staff (Vriendenkring Stadspersoneel), the Red Cross, Vlaamse Visveiling NV, Women Initiative Gambia, the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Red Cross Banjul, Care for Natural, WABSA, Beecause, Department of Parks & Wildlife, Butterfly Pads (Hanne Decloedt).

Below are some specific examples:

  • Medios has been a partner since the very beginning of the city link. Medios was already funding a number of projects at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (including the renovation of the Female Surgery Ward) and also provided the hospital with substantial material support. Together with Koen and Katelijne De Meester, a number of sponsors and the City of Ostend, in collaboration with Medios, two ambulances were donated to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital and the Red Cross in Banjul.
  • The Vesalius Institute takes part in immersion trips to Banjul with the optician technology programme. Against this backdrop, the school has already conducted the 'Glasses for Banjul' project three times where vulnerable young people are given eye tests. Once the eye tests have been performed, the students and teachers make made-to-measure glasses as required. Mieke Debruycker of Optiek Debruycker was also involved in this project, having already installed a complete eye examination unit at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.
  • The city of Ostend has a cooperation agreement with the HBO5 nursing courses of the Vesalius Institute and ZoWe Nursing School, both of which have a campus in Ostend. The city of Ostend supports and facilitates work placements for students at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul.
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