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In celebration of the 20-year city link, Gambian artist Moulaye Sarr created a colourful mural entitled 'Awa, a beautiful lady' at Steensedijk 76.

This portrait of a Gambian woman is part of The Crystal Ship arts festival.

Moulaye Sarr was born in the Gambian village of Chilla on 3 May 1967. Moulaye started drawing cartoons and sketches while still at primary school. His work has a variety of influences, both local and from neighbouring Senegal.

Traditional African patterns are reduced to their essence. His paintings are rich in colour. Moulaye works with a varied range of media. He creates abstract shapes in acrylic paint on canvas, but he is also a gifted portrait artist. He uses pencil, charcoal and sand for his portraits. He occasionally experiments with textile designs and other media. Moulaye is committed to mentoring young artists in their early careers.

He himself spent seven years in Senegal where, working with prominent Senegalese artists, he refined his artistic talents. Today, Moulaye Sarr is known as an exceptionally talented painter from the younger generation of artists in The Gambia.

Kom hier met al je vragen, en zelfs om eens te klagen. Maar ben je echt content, geef dan een compliment bereikbaar van maandag tot en met zaterdag van 8 tot 19 uur.