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  • Wouter Verplancke (Catholic University of Applied Sciences Bruges-Ostend (KHBO), 2005) - Study on the optimisation of storm channels in Banjul
  • Preetika Hirani (Free University of Brussels (VUB), 2005) - Ethno-ecological study of the mangroves of the Tanbi Wetland Complex
  • Danae Maniatis (VUB, 2005) - Retrospective study of the mangroves of the Tanbi Wetland Complex
  • Franka Foré and Mélanie Debry (VUB, UCL, 2009) - Feasibility study on the implementation of an eco-tourism project in the mangroves of the Tanbi Wetland Complex
  • Research among young people in Banjul in 2009 on unemployment, studies and leisure activities (in relation to the setting up of a youth centre)
  • Luc Lippens (CIMIC/BTC, 2010) - Research on school links between Ostend and Banjul
  • C&C Craft develops a prototype of a sail that can be used on fishermen's pirogues in Banjul (2010). The prototype is displayed during Ostend at Anchor.
  • Niels Vanslambrouck and Louis Put (Vrij Technisch Instituut) receive the 'Focus Earth' prize from the Queen Paola Foundation for their ecological study on the water quality of the mangroves surrounding Banjul (2011)
  • David Vande Wynckel and Mieke Vandaele (KHBO - architectural engineers, 2011) - thesis on the structures to be built in connection with the eco-tourism project in the mangroves
  • Stijn De Brabandere (Hogeschool Gent, 2012) - Bachelor's thesis in orthopedagogy: Applying game concepts in the Gambian education system.
  • Shanna Laridon (HOWEST, social-cultural work, 2013) - Final project: Process description of the preparations for the setting up of a community radio as a medium of social change in Banjul, The Gambia
  • Trade mission concerning the relaunch of a flake ice factory in Banjul for the fishing sector in cooperation with Johan Van de Steene, director of NV Vlaamse Visveiling (2014)
  • Marie Tavernier (Arteveldehogeschool, 2014) - Thesis: What is the added value of the Banjul Red Cross for young people? Comparison with the policy of the National Youth Council 
  • Egon Provoost (Howest, Industrial Product Development, 2016) - Design of prototype machine to make alternative 'charcoal' based on coconut shells, mango leaves and groundnut shells.
Kom hier met al je vragen, en zelfs om eens te klagen. Maar ben je echt content, geef dan een compliment bereikbaar van maandag tot en met zaterdag van 8 tot 19 uur.